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Details Magazine
September 1998
On one of the many road trips he and fellow Celtics fan Affleck took in this very Integra, back when they were driving west in search of work, they detoured through French Lick, Indiana, Larry Bird's childhood home. "We just wanted to see it, " Damon says--meaning that if he has to explain it, you'll never understand. A battered basketball idles in his mom's backseat, but because Matt screwed up his Achilles tendon while running to lose weight for an upcoming role, he will have no bloody-nose matchup with his brother today. Instead, he drives over to Central Square and limps into Moody's Falafel Palace, furtively tugging his black baseball cap over his brow in a quest for anonymity.

The above paragraph is part of an entire article published in the Details Magazine,on September, 1998 for further reading , please ask us for a copy of the entire article.