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Moody’s Falafel Palace
Get in the mood

As we wait for spring to arrive in earnest, food that takes its cue from the sun can help us get into the spirit of the season. And few foods are as sun-kissed as the classic dishes of the Middle East, which use olive oil, lemon, garlic, mint, and tahini to give fresh ingredients warm, delicate tastes.
What’s tasty at Moody’s Falafel Palace? Well, pretty much everything. Veggie options include roll-ups filled with "foul mudammas" (fava beans and pomegranate, seasoned generously with lemon and parsley; $3.75) and baba ghanoosh ($3.75). The chicken-shwarma roll-up ($4.50) is flavored with a light garlic sauce and pickles that add just enough of an acidic bite. The lamb-kebab plate ($6.25), which comes with rice and salad, offers tender grilled lamb and is filling without being heavy. Middle Eastern staples such as tabouleh, hummus, and stuffed grape leaves can be rolled up, served as a plate with rice and salad, or ordered as a side ($2.59). Snacks include a lemony spinach pie ($1.75), as well as a selection of baklava ($1.25) and similar nut-and-honey desserts.
Now about the "palace" itself: the Moody’s space used to be a White Castle. For the uninitiated, White Castle was the first national hamburger chain. In an early example of snappy brand-building, White Castle built its restaurants to resemble little castles. For a palace, then, Moody’s isn’t too palatial — there are only a few tables for patrons. Think take-out, especially if there’s spring in the air to match the spring in your lunch.

Moody’s Falafel Palace, located at 25 Central Square, in Cambridge, is open daily, from 11 a.m. to midnight. Call (617) 864-0827.
Issue Date: April 16 - 22, 2004