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Moody’s Falafel Palace  (January 24, 1992)
Dahlia Dean
Located in the kingdom of Central Square, Moody’s Falafal Palace attracts prince and pauper alike. Open for five months now, this humble little Middle Eastern joint, with just four counter stools and four chairs, looks nothing like a palace. If anything, it more closely resembles a friendly servant’s kitchen.
But the food contrasts with the setting: it’s princely. The namesake sandwich, Moody’s Falafal ($2.24), comes wrapped in warm crispy pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions-all covered in a wonderful tahini sauce. It’s a delicious bargain. The tender lamb kebab ($2.75), like the falafal, is served in warm pita bread. Plates of homus ($2.25), tabouli ($2.75), and grape leaves with salad ($3.95) are other standbys. Try the nutty baklava ($0.99) as a sweet and ever-so-rich way to end your stay at the palace.
An important reminder: the palace can not accommodate too many people at once, so just bring your closest friends or order the food to go.
Moody’s Falafal Palace, located at 25 Central Square, is open seven days from 11:00 AM to midnight. For catering and take-out, call:  (617) 864-0827.     
– Dahlia Dean